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Dealing with anger and aggression

What is anger?

To dominate or become dominated

what is anger

When people feel threatened, we react more or less automatically with either, anger and aggression or fear, to dominate or be dominated. When anger is triggered, as the body of combat readiness, the heart beats faster and adrenaline is pumped into the blood. Aggressive feelings are rushing, which makes us ready for the defense.


Anger is a natural part of us

Anger is an entirely natural part of the human and is essential if we are to survive. Yet many people feel the anger out problems in their lives.

Anger must be expressed before it disappears

Anger must be expressed on one way or another

Anger and aggression never disappear by itself, it must come out in one way or another, sooner or later. The main problem perceived to be the anger is expressed, but that others will suffer. When the adrenaline flowed and the body put on standby, is the body in a state of stress. The body is then set to fight and want to get rid of excess energy, instinct says that we must physically react (abreact us) on the perceived danger. But since we as humans live by some, standards, laws and common sense, we can not blindly follow our instincts and physically express our anger and aggression, instead, we must find alternative ways to manage our anger.


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What gets you angry? How you handle your anger? Tell us!