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Dealing with anger and aggression

The power of anger

Do you look at your anger as a problem?

Are you control the anger or the anger control you?

As long as we are masters of our anger, feel our anger, anger is a powerful force which, when used correctly drives us and protects us from danger.

power of anger

If we lose control or do not understand the relationship between our anger and our aggressive reactions, is simply not a friend of our anger, it seems easy destructive. There is a myth that says that angry people are outward conduct, loud and violent. Sure, it's true that some people with high anger level, lack impulse control and let the best first person or object falling victim to his anger, but no less common is to turn the anger inwards, close it within themselves. In order to live in deeper relationships with others requires that you learn to manage their anger and aggression, in short, to gain control over the anger so it will not check you.


Under the spell of anger

Anger has given free rein to be expressed on impulse and without reflection is often a problem in a person's life. Quite often leads to difficulties to express and control their anger, to problems in the social intercourse and in relationships with others.

Is anger controlling you or you your anger?

It can almost seem as if it were controlled by a major power, when the anger rush currents to, outward behavior of people who lack strategies to deal with their anger when the risk to hurt or offend or even physical harm to persons in their vicinity. Others choose to contain their anger, the anger is stored and then threaten to turn inward, against itself. Suppressed anger long enough and it risks being transformed into bitterness. Even if you simply avoid inflicting any direct damage, the risk is that they themselves will be damaged, and that others injured when the unexpressed anger bubbling over.

High level of anger harmful

Several studies show that angry and aggressive people are dangerous both for themselves and for others, but above all for themselves. The risk to people who have trouble managing their anger and aggression-injury is four times higher than a person with normal anger level and during the period is known particularly strong anger increases this risk many times over. In addition to the risk of harming themselves, research shows that people with high anger levels are more susceptible to heart attack than others.

Life saver to get out under the anger-spell

Important to reduce the anger

The saying blinded by hatred is actually very true, experiencing love requires, anger and hatred to be expressed. Anger can also be seen as a vent to our sorrows. With the help of anger, we can free ourselves and see beyond the sorrow, seek further, and take courage for us. To get rid of anger, it must also be taking place in our lives. The best way for us humans to deal with our anger is to express the immediate, point it to any external physical or mental object, something that is not part of the self simply. While we humans naturally subjugate us ethical and moral laws and principles and social norms. Therefore, there is no simple answer to the anger, the ventlieras, but there are several different methods available, read more about them on the page dealing with my anger.

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