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Dealing with anger and aggression

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Do you look at your anger as a problem?

Common questions


How do I avoid my anger?

You can never completely be free from anger, anger is a natural feeling within us that, when used correctly is also a constructive force.


Physical work can help to get out a little bit of their aggression


How do I get rid of aggression and hatred?

There is no one right answer to this question, several factors need to be taken into consideration such as: how you react to anger, flip it outwards or inwards, what do you feel anger before, how much you need to control and how much can let the anger " take its course ". Therefore, different people, different strategies to deal with their anger. A first step in hanterandt of emotions to find out where precisely you are, what your needs are. .

how do I get rid of anger

I feel so stupid when I get angry, I'm ashamed that I get these destructive thoughts, how do I get rid of them?

Feeling stupid and ashamed of your anger, often mean that the anger gets directed inward instead, it's me that's wrong. You blame yourself and feel ashamed and failed.

By dealing with these feelings that what they are feeling, so accept that certain that is how I feel right now, you know that the children, her partner or whatever it may feel unbearable, but what is important is that your actions do not blindly controlled by anger and the feeling that you can not blame yourself for having these feelings that we all have from time to time.

But if these feelings are constantly repeated and linked to a wise person or a behavior, which they usually are, you will also need long term, ask yourself: What triggers these feelings in me?

It is easier to overcome the anger pent up by sharing it with others, but anger is often second to react with fear, therefore it may often be appropriate to seek out any professional person to talk about their anger with, as a terapeft, Curator or priest.


When I get angry, it becomes black and I want to beat the frontal bone on the nearest person, what should I do? When anger gets out of control

Some people have stronger feelings of anger than others and some feel that it is very difficult to control their impulses. Basically, it's all handling of anger to become masters of their anger impulses.

To deal with problems in which one experiences oneself as a danger to others, will usually be needed professional help. There are both therapy and support groups available. A first goal is to help you detect anger in time, so that both you and your surroundings to avoid physically damaged..


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