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Dealing with anger and aggression

Your anger and aggression

Do you look at your anger as a problem?

Do you often feel angry?

Känner du dig arg ofta, måste du bita ihop för att klara vardagen?

Do you feel angry often, you have to bite the bullet to cope with life?

Do you feel that you often have to bite the bullet?

Do you often feel you unfairly treated in the conflict?

Do you have difficulty expressing or dealing with your anger and aggression in a good way?


If you recognize yourself in any of the above questions, it may be a sign that you do not really know or deal with your anger. Now you may think that so many problems, I have not with my anger, then it is just to congratulate! But you are of course still welcome to read on and perhaps discover one another and that they do not have the control over their anger as they first thought (one tip is to make the anger test which can be found further down this page).


Why a site about anger and aggression?

As society changes, also changes the requirements on us. Earlier effective methods for anger management is not working well in our modern society. Anger and aggression often regarded as negative feelings in today's society, yet the need to express our anger is as great today as it was thousands of years ago. Anger is, whether we like it or not, as much a part of the human as any other sense whatsoever. This page is about anger and aggression. This page is intended both for those who believe you have big problems with managing your anger and aggression and to you who feel you have a normal level of anger. Here are some answers to questions like: What is anger? What we have to anger? Here you will also find tips on how you can face your anger and learn to manage anger and aggression in a constructive way. But a precondition for this page to fill någonsomhelt function is, of course, your own attitude and your willingness to evolve.

Hur har jag det med ilskan?

Ask yourself these questions:

How did I do with my anger?

I find it hard to handle my aggression?

I find it hard to deal with conflict?

Anger Test

How are you coping with your anger? Find out, press here to take the test!


By taking the anger-test you will find out what you need to work with to become friend with your anger.





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