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Dealing with anger and aggression

How do we handle anger?

Do you look at your anger as a problem?

Problems with anger?

Problems with anger?

A small consolation is that you are far from alone in experiencing your anger as a problem. A small consolation perhaps, but what still is gratifying, is that there are several ways to cope with your anger and learn to deal with aggression. Not to learn how to manage their anger is probably a lot of suffering for both you and your environment, but above all to yourself. Learning to manage anger and aggression also means that you raise the quality of life in your life, life becomes easier and brighter life. So there is every reason to already grab your anger!

Life is uncontrollable but not your anger

Much of our anger arises in relation to other people, this is because we all have an innate desire to control our lives. In the encounter with others, we meet not just another individual, we also meet his or her will or if you want his quest to determine. Much of our anger is all about natural reluctance to adapt to others' wills. But to live in community with others, which is essential for us to survive, we must adapt ourselves and then also arises anger.

We have a limited ability to control how other people behave, and to avoid situations where they risk angry at is not a long term solution, the we can do is to see for ourselves. By teaching ourselves to deal with anger, we can control our reactions

Dealing with anger

Our three ways to manage anger

Managing anger and aggression, is well aware that unconsciously. There are three main ways to manage their anger, we can: 1) stifle it, 2) try to reassure or 3) expressing the.

1) To stifle the anger, means that you do not allow anger and aggression to be the subject of emotional life. When feelings of anger arise, resisted them as they closed in, pushed aside. This can be done by replacing the feeling of anger by actively focusing on positive thoughts. One danger in facing the anger in this way, is that aggression is not processed easily directed inwards and face the risk that lead to depression, high blood pressure and various nervous behavior of the individual.

2) If, instead, looking calm the anger, do not be such a clear opposition to anger reaction rather than anger may be there while you check out the reaction as well as in spirit. This is done by giving the anger room to be there, while you focus on to mitigate the feeling, for example by breathing deep breaths and calm yourself in all sorts of ways.

3) The human side of the best handling, is to express anger. Unlike the other management methods, involves the expression of a focus on the anger and let it run its course. As already mentioned, the main dillemmat how best to express anger. The difficulty lies in all the other factors must be considered in relation to the situation, in some cases, a natural reaction may be necessary to avert danger in other cases, such conduct is totally unacceptable. Sure it would have been nice if there was a right way to deal with anger! Unfortunately, there is no definite right or wrong in the handling of anger, in some cases, peace force to be the best method, in other cases a non-focused and in a third of a direct expression of anger. The choice of disposal method must therefore largely be related to your own experience of what is perceived to be problematic in your anger response. Depending on the circumstances of the situation, we must choose an appropriate way of expressing our anger.


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