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Dealing with anger and aggression

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Do you look at your anger as a problem?

Sore jaw? Splint help against tooth extractor!

Unexpressed anger and high anger level often leads to teeth grinding and bruxism. There is a clear link between tooth grinding and pressure and a high stress level. Frequently the symptoms of tooth pressure / teeth grinding are:

- Headache

- Fatigue (due to an inability to sleep or poor sleep due to tooth pressure)

- Sense of tension or pain in the jaw and teeth and sometimes the ears.

- "Stick" in TMJ

Splint made of plastic

Splint is a splint made of plastic that protects the teeth during hard compression or teeth grinding. The rail shippers' jaws and prevents wear-in teeth. Each strip produced is unique and is done as a representation of an individual's jaw. I myself have pushed / gnash their teeth for years but after that got a splint is stiffness and pain in jaw almost gone. If you suspect that you pressar/gnisslar- teeth or if you experience any of the above symptoms, I advise you to consider a splint. There are several different types of splint, the best way to learn about the rail, which is suitable for you is to consult with a specialist. Sorry costs rails pretty much, but it is also very durable (you can usually have the same rail for decades!) In addition, the bite bar a very good investment, because your quality of life increases and your teeth are protected (damaged teeth cost considerably more than a splint)


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